Barn Conversion Kitchen Ideas Case Study

Nicholas Anthony continuously strives to perform and create excellence even with the most ambitious of interior design projects.


Having built two houses and converted a barn in the past, Sue and David Bullet waited patiently for the right property in order to create the home of their dreams.

“We bought the four buildings back in 2012 as a joint project with my brother and his wife. We’ve always been interested in development, and eventually wanted to build something for ourselves, to put our own stamp on it. Well, I absolutely love barns because you’ve got all that character to work with. These were granary barns and cowsheds, and we’ve kept their character whilst creating an eco-friendly property with air-source heat pumps and solar panels.”

“We had lots of ideas we knew we wanted, and just went out and found people who could do it. We wanted a family kitchen – Millie (25) and Chloe (23), and Crombie our Labrador all live at home, and we’ve had traditional kitchens in the past but wanted to go for something completely different that wouldn’t date. It’s quite a contemporary barn, so we felt that would be more appropriate.” In the year-long planning process, the Bullets’ found a silver lining, in that David and Sue had time to cement their design.

“We like to take our time choosing things, so they are just perfect. We looked at a few companies, but the moment we met Sue Humphries, her knowledge of products and confidence in the project came through. Equally, I had to have that same confidence in the designer. We wanted something contemporary, but felt that ultra modern and shiny would date quickly. We wanted a simple design but with industrial elements like the look of concrete flooring, but softer. We were quite definite on things, so needed to have someone that had the flexibility of listening to us too.” Sue and David gathered ideas from a variety of different places including a display at Grand Designs Live. This display inspired them to create a floating section to give their all ready planned, huge island a much lighted feel.

“David is an electrician, so he had ideas in terms of LED lighting from below the island and along the sink area.”

Happily, Sue Humphries’s know-how generated a supplier for the necessary bespoke steel support to create an airy but solid structure; and David Bullett’s expertise created ambience with the aid of a Rako lighting system – a joint effort resulting in a show stopping focal point to the delightful space.

“The room comes into it’s own at night. We’re still working on the other barns, so time is limited, but we love having friends round to entertain. It’s very much a gathering place for family, too.”

“We wanted an industrial look, but softer. The bi-fold doors, island work surface and pendant lamps are all made with materials that have a gentle metallic sheen and tactile quality.”

Nicholas Anthony