Into the deep: from blank canvas to breaking boundaries

At the enchanting Carpenter property nestled in the serene countryside of Essex, a fusion of natural inspiration and impeccable execution unfolded, providing our designers with an unparalleled opportunity to showcase their ingenuity, expertise, and creativity.

Shortly after acquiring a bungalow destined for substantial reconstruction, the owners initiated a project that would not only transform the culinary space but also establish a design ethos permeating the entire residence.

Necessity is the mother of invention  

This home became the canvas for pushing the boundaries and crafting something truly extraordinary. As design engineers themselves, the owners possessed a discerning eye for detail. They stressed the importance of balance, symmetry, and efficient storage. Aesthetically, they envisioned a space that exuded a dark and moody, yet glamorous atmosphere, seamlessly blending spaciousness with depth and warmth.

The space itself also presented challenges that would further drive creativity and prove to be the mother of invention. Notably, it was set at an unusual angle with walls on a gradient precluding the installation of conventional wall-to-wall cabinetry. Rather than serving as a limitation, this unique characteristic was embraced by our experienced designers as an opportunity to create something entirely distinctive.

Spatial awareness

In a bold move, the design concept required the removal of a window. This was counterbalanced tenfold with the adoption of an open plan motif and the installation of bi-folding doors and skylights. This strategic configuration welcomed an abundance of natural light, which gracefully illuminated the surfaces, even on overcast days.

This open environment set the scene for a harmonious flow of lines and energy throughout the space. That was further accentuated by the cabinetry, surfaces, and island, which guide your attention across the worktops and towards the verdant green surroundings outside.   

A sensory space, this home transcends mere aesthetics, evolving to become an immersive experience. The ambiance is shaped not only by the visible elements but also by those that were subtly concealed. Alongside the soft glow of roof lights and the tactile materials for example, oak acoustic panelling was used to create a mellow, grounded atmosphere and enhance the connection between the interior and the garden.

Dark dialogue

The power of nature was celebrated through the choice of materials, ranging from organic elements to thoughtful nods to their natural counterparts. These materials in turn would ground the ethereal light, fostering a sense of belonging and enveloping warmth through their rich colours and tactile qualities.

A vintage mahogany floor formed the literal foundation upon which everything else flourished, set aglow by distinctive brushed bronze doors on black oak cabinetry. This bronze dialogue was harmonised seamlessly with the scattered gold veining adorning the dark brown ceramic worktop, drawing inspiration from the exquisite Port Laurent marble found in Morocco.

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