Bathroom Sanctuaries

No longer simply a space to wash, bathrooms have the capacity to be sanctuaries offering peace, tranquillity and luxury wellness in the environments in which we live. It is an ethos that has led the most illustrious private properties to draw inspiration from the world of spas and five-star hotels, harnessing rich natural materials alongside state-of-the-art technology and exceptional design to create an oasis for everyday rituals within the privacy of your own home.

Experience and innovation

At Nicholas Anthony, our design team has an international reputation for excellence that spans 55 years and counting. Working with leading brands, we combine technology, a reverence for natural materials and the latest in wellness trends with design expertise, all whilst honouring and reflecting your individual style and values.

Luxury wellness at home 

A running theme in the most harmonious and well-designed homes, is a reverence for the elements. 3,000 years of wellness rituals link them to our health and wellbeing – grounding us in the earth, cleansing us with water, revitalising us with the air and invigorating us with fire. Using the elements as conduits for nature’s healing power, those core elements of wellness still underpin spa culture today. It is an experience that we have the power to bring into our homes, forging stone and wood alongside home saunas and the creative use of light and space

Natural materials

Natural materials all have an impact on how we feel everyday and how we enjoy our homes. Design can build on that power, channelling it for everyday wellness through materials like antique brass that grows more beautiful with age, cool Pentelic marble reminiscent of that used in The Parthenon, and polished or untreated woods that seem to speak to their reverent cousins beyond the walls. You might even incorporate large aquariums, a saltwater swimming pool or fountains, depending on the space. 

Organic inspiration

As humans, we need the sensations, sounds, sights and smells that connect us to nature. Biophilic design creates a tangible link between our homes and the natural world. It is a trend that’s gained both traction and credibility as we seek to create balance in our lives. The use of natural lighting and ventilation, living walls with hydroponic systems as well as raw materials like wood and natural stone, all add texture, colour and style to our bathrooms at home. Meanwhile, natural materials and plants proactively support cognitive function, physical health, and psychological well-being.

Wellness technology

In all areas of life there are now plenty of gadgets to support our wants and needs. The bathroom is no exception, but choosing the best technology to elevate daily rituals is a question of knowledge and experience. From showers imbued with vitamin infused waters to lighting designed to help the human brain switch off, brands including Dornbracht and Geberit are renowned for their bathroom technology.

Form and function

In a world where even the heating radiates style, we fuse liquid metal and smooth porcelain, natural stone and sculptural shapes. Combining different finishes and an eye for detail turns every detail into a refined feature.