The personal touch: our furniture

Furniture is about more than placing a chair in a helpful location or having a functional dining table. It can be an artistic expression of your personality as well as part of the details that bring deep satisfaction to your day. The features in our home elevate the experiences we have to those that are deeply personal as well as creatively inspired.

For us, design is a language of its own, and what’s crucial in a home is that it reflects the character and values of the people who live there. It’s not just about who you are, but who you want to be. We know that design has the power to be transformative, and our goal is to help our clients to create homes that take your ideas and daily rituals to a whole new level.

Framing the future

When we work with you to create your home environment, we don’t just choose items to match your specifications, we help you to fully envision the memories you will be making in those spaces. From the handcrafted furniture of our Signature Collection, to carefully selected items from one of our talented suppliers, we work with you to create the spaces where you want to see your future.

Design for life

Furniture needs to work for you and your home on multiple levels. It should make you want to admire it from afar and interact with it up close, between its aesthetic and sensory appeal. However, it also needs to fulfil its purpose. The shape, style, size and scope of furniture in your home needs to fit in with the life you want to lead – the family meals, the dinner parties, the morning yoga sessions or the home office suite. This is where you spend your time, so the details need to be designed for life.

The Finer Details

Choosing who you live with is a matter of great discernment, and we apply the same selectiveness to the home fashion brands that we work alongside. From Buster and Punch to Walter Knoll, our partners deliver defining features that add unique intrigue and artistic merit to your home.


Mrs H

"The bespoke partition wall is a special feature. Every visitor has commented on how wonderful it is. It is the difference between a 'nice' house and a 'WOW' house! Pictures really don't do it justice."