Enhancing your lifestyle: more interiors

Homes are an artful network of spaces that help you to live your life with the greatest ease and pleasure, turning daily rituals into enjoyable experiences. The functional spaces in our homes are integral to that purpose, and amongst the most popular are the boot room, the pantry, the home office and the wine cellar. Whether you have a large property or you’re maximising your space with smart design, these are the features that elevate your lifestyle so that you can get the most pleasure from being in your own sanctuary.

Vintage style: wine rooms

Wine rooms, wine cellars, wine fridges and more – from spiral cellars to subterranean display cases, wine rooms are the integral luxury feature of a five-star home. Modern technology and engineering means that whether you’re located in a chic city apartment or a vast country estate, the options abound when it comes to installing your wine room. The domain of the stylish, the well informed and the passionate, you can store your favourite bottles at the perfect temperature and showcase prize possessions with flair and style.

Home deli: chic pantries

Food might be a necessity, but it’s also a great joy, and in much the same way a pantry doesn’t just have to be about function – it can be about style and sensory experiences. Incorporate artfully placed hooks for cured meats, custom made open shelving for showcasing spices, overhead racks for home drying herbs, engraved silver tins for teas and coffees, and built-in wine fridges with glass fronts.

A pantry has to make it easy to find and access your ingredients; it has to store them at the right temperature and the space has to be maximised for optimum use. Design is an intrinsic part of that functionality of your pantry, adding enjoyment and creativity to each meal and moment.

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