Walk-in wardrobes: the inner sanctum 

From Carrie Bradshaw to Jay Gatsby, the walk-in wardrobe has become a symbol of luxury living. The inner sanctum of a home and the epitome of personal style, this is the space that is intended solely and entirely for you. It is where the multiple facets of your character coexist and where you can construct (or deconstruct) the version of yourself that you wish to present to the world each day. At Nicholas Anthony, we work with you to bring all the elements together to create a walk-in wardrobe and dressing room that enhances the way you experience each day.

Personal space

In some homes, walk-in wardrobes are shared by partners. In others, each master of the house has their own space reflecting their own personal style. However you choose to use your space, it’s individual and the design should reflect that more than anywhere else in the home. From white starlet-style dressing rooms to seductive Bond-inspired dens, from smoked glass doors to upholstered finishes, walk-in wardrobes can be the ultimate expression of undiluted personal style.

Store and display

As a space designed to help you store and style your personal belongings, there’s a synchronicity between fashion and functionality that has to be honoured in a walk-in wardrobe. With some items on display and others neatly hidden away, easy access and a sense of flow should take you on a seamless journey at the start and end of the day. Dedicated spaces for shoes, bags, jewellery, trousers, skirts, dresses and ties all dictate the shape and organisation of the room, all making planning and smart design imperative.

Sliding screens

Dressing rooms do not exist in isolation within a home – they are a transition space between the private sanctuaries of your bedroom, bathroom and the rest of the world. A space where you find inspiration to start your day and where your evening ritual prepares you for sleep. The division of space is essential for reflecting that move from one state to another, made manifest through elegantly designed divisions and sliding doors.

Smart spaces

You don’t need an enormous property to have a dedicated dressing space. The combination of smart design and modern technology means we can optimise space for maximum benefit and style. From Italian designers, Caccarro, and their customisable walk-in wardrobes, to storage that sanitises and steams clothes so that they’re ready for the morning, our designers bring state-of-the-art technology as well as innovative design to personalise and maximise your space.

Light Up

Lighting is essential for practicality and presentation in a wardrobe, from the form and function provided by LEDs as they showcase special items, to the quality of light that helps you wake up or wind down morning and night. Lighting is the essential finish that creates a luxury boutique feel, not only helping you to remember the clothing options that you have, but staging the furniture to enhance the environment, relax the senses and empower your choices.