Lighting design: illuminated dimensions

Light plays an enormous role in how we experience the world. Its importance ranges from the essential to the emotional, inspiring joy and creativity, or lulling us into a sleep state. From mimicking natural sunlight to balancing night and day, at Nicholas Anthony, we incorporate light as a dimension in its own right, elevating a space and turning it into an experience through light’s quality, manipulation and purity.

Intentional wellbeing

Light has a powerful impact on our mood, emotions and energy, and lighting design allows us to influence the way we choose to feel in our own space. From feeling energised in our home office to soothing the soul through a warm, ambient glow, there’s more to lighting than meets the eye.

Capturing the elements

Light influences our circadian rhythm, and the most elemental way in which that happens is with the ebb and flow of natural daylight. There’s a purity to natural light that is impossible to mimic, but those at the forefront of innovation are harnessing the power of the sun to achieve optimal experiences. For example, the inspired talents of our partners at Occhio have produced a CRI (Colour Rendering Index) certification of 97%, which is to say their products emulate sunlight to an almost perfect degree (no one has yet produced a 100% certification).

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Art in a new dimension

Lighting and artwork are inextricably linked, playing together whether it’s through a painting on the wall or a sculpture strategically placed in the room. Light can also be an artistic feature in its own right. There are artists whose sole medium is light itself, and in the home we can draw on that principle, using light to a unique and soulful effect to reflect the different aspects of you and your personality.

Light intentions 

If you have ever walked into a room where an ill placed pendant light seems to make the room darker, or gone into a living space where the light feels cold and stark, you will know that everything from the location of the fixture to the warmth of the light itself makes a difference to the experience you have in that space. Light design begins the moment we put pen to paper, using it to bring soul, purpose and intent to your home, optimising its appearance but also maximising your everyday experiences and lifestyle.