Metamorphosis: A Bathroom for the Modern Age Case Study

From the northernmost tip of Tuscany to a contemporary London home, this bathroom is defined by the cool, sculptural presence of Carrara marble, which adorns the walls and frames features with a gravitas born of the ages.

Tale as old as time

Carrara marble brings with it an understated but unmistakable brand of luxury. Quietly occupying its space, it offers neither competition or obeisance to surrounding items and features. It is as though it has an engrained confidence, born of being hewn over the millennia. 

The decidedly contemporary stone has a history as old as time. Hailing from the Italian province of Massa-Carrara, it quietly morphed under pressure, from calcite-rich shells to lime sediment and into the pristine stone we know and love today. From Ancient Rome to the modern age, it has inspired artistic and architectural endeavours.

A whiter shade of pale

So often an underestimated hue, white has had something of a renaissance in recent years and in this space it is instrumental in creating a soothing sanctuary within the home.

Alongside the rippling effect of the marble, this bathroom is almost exclusively a masterclass in white. From the brilliant white walls to the smooth, almost egg-shaped bath; the carefully selected coral sculptures (a nod to the marble’s prehistoric past) to product dispensers tucked strategically on an inbuilt marble nook in the wall; and the flourishing orchid quietly located on the window sill. 

The only deviation from the white theme is a rich, smoked oak veneer cabinet under the marble-clad double sinks, adding an intentional and effective warmth to the space.

The effect is unequivocally calm.

Through the looking glass

The final pillar in this ambient bathroom is its use of light and reflective surfaces. 

A seamless glass shower cubicle raised on a marble plinth; a mirror cabinet with warm side lights, offsetting the cooler temperature of recessed ceiling lamps; and crystal pendant lights suspended ostentatiously above the bath. There’s also sunlight gently flowing from the window, anchoring the whole space to its natural elements.

Each of the carefully chosen features of this space turns it from functional to a purposeful space for rest and relaxation for the start and end of the day. It offers balance at every turn, with each solitary item from the shower, to the bath, to the sinks, standing proud and purposeful but managing not to compete. It offers a journey, a retreat, and a path to home wellness.

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