Oxshott Kitchen

Gatsby glamour and vintage American charm come to The Crown Estate

In what the owner affectionately refers to as her ‘dream kitchen,’ we collaborated with a family situated on the prestigious Crown Estate in Oxshott. Once ancient royal hunting grounds, the area now hosts celebrity residents including former England and Chelsea football captain, John Terry, and tennis ace Andy Murray. Despite its star-studded inhabitants, the Surrey neighbourhood maintains an air of tranquillity while offering unbeatable convenience. For the Anglo-American family, the spacious rooms and abundant natural light provided the perfect canvas for expressing their unique style. The kitchen, in particular, served as the pièce de résistance, seamlessly tying together the entire property.

Art Deco inspiration

As you step into the house, the couple’s profound appreciation for heritage style and their array of antique objets d’art immediately establishes a distinct ambience that is unmistakably theirs. Adorned with iconic movie posters, Art Deco antiques and captivating paintings, the residence serves as a showcase for their unique taste, providing the inspiration that shaped our design approach.

At the same time, the innate grandiosity of the property – its vast proportions, high ceilings, big windows and expansive grounds outside – all lend themselves to a home that’s intended to feel appropriately regal. What ensued was a delicious balancing act between heritage and contemporary, homely and sophisticated. 

Oxshott kitchen window & shelves
Oxshott Kitchen open oven
Oxshott kitchen breakfast bar

The epitome of quiet luxury

We began our process by gathering items from around the house to bring into the kitchen itself. Original 1930s teal and copper vases and sculptures, as well as prints of artworks by Tamara de Lempicka became key focal points. 

There is careful attention to detail in this space, but the quality of the execution is such that it feels tranquil and entirely seamless. There is no doubt that this is a luxury home, but it’s also exquisitely relaxing at the same time.

Oxshoot kitchen full view of breakfast bar
Oxshott kitchen vase with flowers close up
Oxshott Kitchen Cabinets with sink and wine fridge

Soft and Sensual

Central to that sense of calm are the soft curves and sensual textures.  Everything is serene thanks to the light grey walls and seamless floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, hiding any clutter from sight. Utilising Siematic’s highly engineered infrastructure, the cupboards seamlessly blend form and function, offering optimised storage solutions. Adjacent to them, the island features an integrated breakfast bar, serving as a focal point for both functionality and style. The impeccable finishes are custom-made, infusing the space with a sense of luxury and refinement, elevating the overall design aesthetic.

Alongside that framework, elegant details sit quietly confident, content not to compete with the other elements in the room. For example, polished nickel and glass shelves have been installed above the sink, connecting the room with the rest of the house and providing a dedicated place to display collectables – the DNA of the family style.

Natural Beauty

Natural materials give the space a grounded sense of depth and calm. The limestone floor brings warmth and texture, making space for the central feature – the island.  This custom-designed piece forms the focal point. Wrapped in fluted walnut and crowned with a glistening Bianca Eclipsia quartzite countertop, it at once mirrors the world around it and makes the fusion of natural materials the hero of the hour.

Even the detail on the edge of the island’s stone is unique, being both sensuous and a statement, honouring the Art Deco theme with subtlety and finesse.

Oxshott Kitchen Occhio Lights

The light fantastic

Soft, sculptural pendant Occhio lights are a showpiece in this Art Deco-inspired kitchen, but the magic runs deeper. Designed in layers, the lighting can switch from full illumination to sultry ambience, shifting for different moods and all the while mirrored in the pristine quartzite countertops.

A social hub

Everything in this space is done with intent and at its core it is really about being the heart of the home. It is a destination where friends and family come from all over the world to rest and spend time together, preferring the informality of the island to the dining room. It’s where the couple work, talk at the end of the day, prepare Christmas dinner and get ready for the rigours of the day.

With all of that in mind, everything from the length of the island to the number of bar stools, the hard-wearing nature of the countertop to the positioning of the kitchen drawers for both cookware and errant stationery, was taken into consideration. It all points towards a social hub that’s as welcoming for one person enjoying a peaceful cup of coffee in the morning, as it is for a whole family filling it with the sound of animated conversation.

The revamped space is a place that’s magnetic in its quiet appeal, enveloping you, embracing you, nurturing you, inspiring you – as if it’s all a dream.

Oxshott full kitchen

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