Photo of a kitchen designed by Nicholas Anthony.

This one’s for us: a culinary experience for the consummate host

After purchasing their first kitchen from Nicholas Anthony 17 years ago, a couple from the seaside town of Frinton-on-Sea came back to us to give their space a fresh, modern feel, perfect for their new chapter in life. With the kids having grown up, they wanted to reclaim the kitchen for themselves, prioritising their desires over necessities. Fuelled by a love for hosting, they envisioned crafting a stylish coastal getaway, tailor-made for hosting unforgettable gatherings.

Photo of a kitchen designed by Nicholas Anthony.

A lifestyle space

While the original kitchen had made the most of the space available at the time, the goal now was to open it up and create an impressive, sociable experience that brings people together. A lifestyle space rather than a kitchen, aspired to a sense of theatre around cooking and entertainment, fusing the height of contemporary fixtures, fittings, gadgets and style with warmth and conviviality.

Photo of a kitchen designed by Nicholas Anthony.
Photo of a kitchen designed by Nicholas Anthony.

Putting on a show

By fine-tuning some initial architectural blueprints, we’ve crafted an immersive experience where guests embark on a journey into a vibrant social hub. Picture this: a captivating backlit bar beckons on one side, while beneath your feet lies an underground wine cellar, adding a touch of magic to your surroundings. With a drink in hand, your gaze naturally gravitates towards the open-plan kitchen, reminiscent of a grand stage awaiting its culinary performance. Watch in awe as your hosts effortlessly retrieve a bottle of bubbly from the Kaelo wine cooler, seamlessly integrated into the countertop. Meanwhile, the chef dazzles, orchestrating a culinary spectacle on a sleek hob, complete with a discreet downdraft extractor to maintain the uninterrupted flow of excitement.

Pots cooking on a stove

Minimalism for maximum effect

Aesthetically minimalist, the couple wanted to fit a lot of functionality into the space without compromising on form. Every cabinet was designed to appear as though it was simply part of the walls themselves, without any visible plinths. Fridges and freezers melt into the background, and different zones give each area a dedicated purpose, from a breakfast bar that can be revealed and later hidden behind side pocket doors at one end, to the aforementioned bar at the other.

Photo of a minimalist style kitchen designed by Nicholas Anthony.

A moment of genius

In a move described as a ‘moment of genius’ by the owners, we reconfigured the walls to create a hidden utility space and walk-in larder behind the cabinetry, maximising storage but protecting the minimalist style. Obscured from view, the inner workings of the kitchen remain discreet but convenient, secreting preparations away from guests for maximum impact and enjoyment.

Photo of a kitchen designed by Nicholas Anthony.

Coastal chic

Plenty of light fills the space with a welcoming feeling, and the modern agate grey velvet matt lacquer finish gives it a fresh look. The island in walnut adds a touch of warmth and elegance. The porcelain floor tiles are cool, calm, chic, and reminiscent of the pebbles on the nearby beach. To make the design truly theirs, the couple added their own special finishing touches, giving it a personal charm.

Champagne in Kaelo wine cooler

Designed for life

The finished space is tailored for the next chapter of this couple’s life – deliberately crafted for what holds significance to them. It reflects a deep understanding of their own preferences and desires, visually representing their aspirations and lifestyle choices. Facilitating memorable moments with loved ones and fostering personal enjoyment, this kitchen is custom-made for the life they envision – just as it should be.

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