Lexden His and Her Bathroom

Mirror image: his and hers bathrooms

Marrying organic materials and contemporary design

Situated on a private drive in Lexden, just a stone’s throw away from the historic centre of Colchester, the owners of a contemporary home sought to bring the natural world in, fusing organic materials with state-of-the-art design in two bathrooms for husband and wife, each mirroring one another but in spaces that had their own distinct orientations. 

Lexden His and Her bathroom reversed view

Once in a lifetime

The bathrooms were the final piece of a refurbishment puzzle that the owners had undertaken over some time. A labour of love, this is the home they intend to remain in forever, and as such they wanted it to reflect the pinnacle of their lifetime’s work and achievement. Attention to detail was a priority, considering every nuance, from the vein in the stone to the angle of the lighting. 

his and her bathroom black tap
His and her bathroom shower head with running water
His and her bathroom with marble walls

Nature’s the ultimate designer

The pair declared themselves in love with natural stone, relishing the rich veins and perfectly imperfect form of thousands of years of crystallisation that results in a once in a millennia finish. This therefore became the basis of the design in both spaces, selecting the exact pieces of marble from the supplier and working with the vein to create perfect connectivity from one piece to the next.

The result is that the marble became the outstanding feature in the space, almost an artwork rather than a finish.

Black heated radiator
bathroom with white and black marble with black shower unit
his and her bathroom sink

Playing with light 

Crafted with impeccable joinery as well as a meticulous blend of organic elements and modern engineering, we fashioned two distinct sanctuaries, unified by a coherent design ethos. Alongside the opulent marble, we framed the sinks in each bathroom with tiles that emulate the delicate hue and texture of light Maple wood.

Employing a ribbed motif, heightened by strategically placed mirrors and lighting, we orchestrated a captivating interplay of texture and light, accentuated by artfully cast shadows, infusing the space with a heightened sense of drama and luxury.

black shower wall switch

A marriage of materials

Meanwhile, built out sections hide functionality, while added character comes from the carefully chosen matt black tile trims and brass wear, anthracite grey units and concrete-effect wall panels. The result is two ultra modern spaces, softened by the careful harmony between materials and nurtured through attention to detail, down to every vein, grain and shadow.

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