Thermae Bath Spa in Contemporary Colchester

On the outskirts of Colchester, the Roman capital of Britain, it is only fitting that life’s daily cleansing rituals are treated with a sense of reverence. A place where bathrooms are not merely functional wash spaces, this home in England’s South East has turned each one into an individual haven of rest and wellbeing, fit for the modern age.

Natural healing

Surrounding this property are extensive gardens, showcasing verdant green in the spring and summer, as well as rich amber hues in the autumn. While the home as a whole extols the virtues of high gloss and unmistakably luxe detailing, the connection with nature remains intact at every juncture, whether it’s a view of the grounds, earthy hues on the walls, natural stone finishes or oak flooring echoing the surrounding woodland. 

There are multiple bathrooms in the house – perhaps the biophilic connection is most notable in the one in the apex. It has a shower area with an adjacent sink surrounded by walls of earthy green. Then, you step onto a platform with a freestanding porcelain bath that looks through floor-to-ceiling windows and double doors onto the gardens below. It is a mesmerising space in which to unwind as the sun sets.

Individual wellness

Each bedroom in the house has an ensuite bathroom, and each of those has its own individual style, but also boasts the leitmotif of a freestanding bath. Every pebble-smooth tub sports an ergonomic shape – deceptively simple in style but masterful in design. 

The soft lines contrast with dramatic feature walls, marble-effect backsplashes, metallic mosaic details and impressive artwork. Lighting covers both form and function – as a halo behind dual sinks, inside expansive showers and creating a soothing display as it washes down walls and ambience-enhancing nooks. As a result, while each bathroom has a running theme, no two are the same.

Some like it hot

Modern bathrooms are not merely about cleanliness; combining state-of-the-art technology with our natural gravitational pull towards the elements, spa-style wellness is a welcome facet of the luxury modern ensuite.

This home is a case in point, with fitted steam shower rooms from AXOR. A functioning shower, complete with vents that allow it to morph into a steam room, the steam shower’s inclusion brings Zen philosophy to the height of contemporary living.

We may credit the Romans with the advent of the steam bath, but 21st century designers have perfected the art of individual wellness at home.

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