Into the woods: Inspired by an enchanted forest

Bringing together deep cultural roots and contemporary style, the lush colours and textural warmth of the forest alongside personal effects and 21st-century lifestyle, this culinary haven is a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity. 

Into the woods

In a Victorian home surrounded by greenery, and where every kitchen window enjoys pastoral views, the challenge for our designers was to turn an unconventional footprint into a space that provided a joyful journey for everyday use. The owners had a clear vision that encompassed their personal style and their cultural roots, fused with the property’s character, all of which shine through in the final result.

The palette, reminiscent of forest bark and foliage, formed the cornerstone of the design, anchored in the hand-painted cabinetry. Verdant green is counterbalanced by a silvery grey, almost as a homage to the Silver Birch – a prolific feature in their home country.

A balancing act

Drawing on that organic inspiration we introduced polished stone, which creates a sense of tranquillity and a cool backdrop for more ornate details. The countertops appear like an intricate marble, but are in fact a coveted and ultra durable, high gloss ceramic in serene Himalayan white. The cool surface flanks a range-style cooker and adjacent island, reserved for food preparation and convivial gatherings.

This slick surface is offset by the warmth of brass fixtures and fittings as well as distressed tiles bestowing a weathered and timeless aesthetic. Grounding the space in the family’s heritage, carefully selected plates serve as a testament to cherished traditions and tall display cabinets are brimming with nostalgic trinkets, decorated Samovars and serving ware, quietly awaiting people to entertain.

Hidden depths

Warmly lit alcoves, a wall of firewood and a log burner infuse the space with homely warmth as well as essential functionality. Meanwhile, a beautifully crafted pantry cupboard has hidden depths with internal shelves and dovetail drawers made of rich walnut.

A feast for the senses, this harmonious symphony of elements comes together in a distinct and purposeful song. The deep green evoking feelings of nostalgia and freshness all at once, the modern appliances and the rustic tiles – they all converge in a graceful dance, culminating in a kitchen that’s not just a functional space but a work of art.

It’s a space where culinary exploration meets cherished traditions, where comfort meets innovation. It’s a kitchen that tells a story of past and present, all within its carefully crafted walls.

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