From initial meeting with Adelise in the Ascot showroom and throughout the design process, the client was put at ease by Adelise’s knowledge, experience and eye for detail. They yearned for timeless luxury that can be used for everyday cooking as well as a stunning hosting space for dinner parties. The property itself was part of the early 20th Century movement of Art-Deco where a pastiche of many different styles, sometimes contradictory, united by a desire to be modern using geometric shapes and patterns. The clients were very keen to keep this theme running throughout the house, but to also have a modern feel. 

This opulent kitchen has been fitted with the SieMatic S2 Kitchen in Lacquer with a Lotus White main theme and Graphite Grey accent Island. The furniture was the main display of contemporary design in this space with its handleless cabinets and clear cut, smooth lines with a matte finish. To incorporate a timeless, periodic feel, Adelise expertly implemented the use of natural composite stone worktops with Lilias Midas marble accents on the breakfast bar and splashback. The splashback complimented the traditional AGA to again offer that periodic feel to the space. Although being the latest appliance technology, the use of the Gaggenau 400 Series ovens and Vario Cool fridge-freezer and Wine cabinet work with the natural stone beautifully to create a juxtaposition of contemporary and traditional design.

Subtle accents, like the curved ceiling bulkhead over the island hints towards the art deco and copies the curve of the stunning windows. Adelise has expertly met the brief, using the latest technology and style whilst seamlessly matching it with the natural stone worktops and the Art-Deco furniture of the kitchen space. 

Like all highly engineered projects, Adelise faced a challenge that she needed to overcome. The room was long and narrow with little room for large storage cupboards and large open areas. Space being at a premium, Adelise designed a variety of smart pull out storage locations throughout the kitchen that are hidden within the cabinetry. Multimatic tracks were bespoke designed to the specifications of each cabinet with storages spaces for appliances, a key holder and a tailor made wine rack resulting in a truly personalised space. 

Ultimately, Adelise and the clients had enormous fun working together on this project. The clients were overjoyed with the finished room and could not have been more thankful for Adelise’s expert design skills to create their dream kitchen. Adelise was allowed to showcase her creative prowess to create this stunning kitchen due to the fact that the clients were on board with every element.

Nicholas Anthony