Anything is possible in Cambridge

From the Romans to the Vikings and into the present day, Cambridge has been an important city in the UK. Most famous for its river and its university, it remains inspiring as a place of knowledge and beauty, both architectural and natural. It’s this heritage that made it an ideal location for our regional Nicholas Anthony studio, established in 2010.

Design that spans the ages

Architecturally, Cambridge is a glorious fusion of styles that reflect the ages – from its mediaeval roots to its Georgian houses, and the gothic spires of the university colleges. Iconic features offer inspiration at every turn, from the Mathematical Bridge dating from 1460 to the grand Fitzwilliam Museum with its neoclassical pillars, and of course the magnificent King’s College Chapel. Modern additions have also become fixtures on the landscape, like Cambridge Central Mosque – Europe’s first eco-friendly mosque with an indoor botanical garden.

Natural beauty

Cambridge is also rich in natural diversity. The River Cam is perhaps its most obvious feature, peppered with houseboats and willow trees, wildlife and, of course, those enjoying a day of punting. The city is rich in parks and nature reserves as well, while tying together that scholastic tradition with natural wonder, is the Cambridge University Botanic Garden, founded in 1762 to grow plants to teach medical students.

A perfect fit

Within this impressive environment, inspiration, collaboration and communication thrive. As a company that lives and breathes the constant absorption of new ideas alongside a reverence for nature, heritage and individuality, it could not be a more perfect setting for our team.

Our location on Chesterton Road places us in a recognisably ancient part of the town, where 13th- and 14th-century coins were uncovered by archaeologists. A street where pretty residential properties sit alongside a thriving commercial environment, it’s a setting that reflects our combined reverence for the individual personality of each home alongside the professional skill of master craftsmanship and engineering.

Cambridge is a place that has always nurtured minds and ideas. It is a city that attracts great minds from all over the world, creating an international hub of excellence across multiple disciplines, encouraging those who believe that anything is possible and proving time and again that the most exquisite design is built to last. That’s an ethos we are part of and bring to every one of our projects.

Start the next chapter of your story at our Cambridge studio.

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