Seven Developments

In the village of Ardleigh in Colchester, the esteemed team at Seven Developments have created a collection of homes that takes modern living to new experiential standards. Beginning with four properties, the Mill View estate will culminate in eight contemporary houses, each featuring design that welcomes in the surrounding landscape through vertiginous windows. Within these spaces, Nicholas Anthony was charged with designing culinary spaces that elevated the lifestyle of residents to even greater heights.

One of a kind

Each of the properties at Mill View is individual but carries key leitmotifs and architectural details such as floating mezzanine floors, brick fireplaces, double-height windows, spiral staircases and open plan living. The unusual design brought both challenges and opportunities to the installation of kitchens and their requirements, which our team approached with characteristic creativity – a chance to design something exceptional.

Making space work

The culinary spaces would not only be functional, but act as an anchor, bringing each home together and providing a seamless link across its multiple levels. Key to achieving this was to consider the vertical as well as horizontal space, installing floor-to-ceiling units, adding carefully placed alcoves above them, using tall stone upstands and matching colour wood panels. The result is a harmonious interplay between the different architectural features and the kitchen around which they all orbit.

Deep and meaningful

The finishes used in any property are always a signature of the space. At Mill View, the ultra modern environment meant that every element stood out, and we wanted to make sure that we brought warmth without compromising on the precision of the property. As a result, a dark wood finish on the tallest cabinetry offsets a cool agate grey on the base units, while the island countertop, in an icy quartz, drops to the floor at both ends. These elements, combined with the exposed brick of the fireplace, the abundant natural light and the verdant green of the gardens outside, creates a soothing experience that exudes both elegance and a sense of hospitality.

On a technicality

Technology is the arbiter of so much in our modern lives, and we always seek to use it in a way that optimises the way a person experiences their home. Mill View is no exception, with unmistakable state-of-the-art features, selected and implemented with understated style. The downdraft extractor in island hob and the Kaelo bottle host embedded into the counter are both a case in point. Not only do they enhance the look of the space, but maximise the experience, whether residents seek to gather round while the chef gets to work or play the perfect host by keeping the wine at optimum temperature.