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Ascot’s reputation precedes it. It’s a location that instantly conjures images of some of the UK’s most iconic scenes, such as the thrill of a day at the eponymous racecourse, with her late Majesty, The Queen, cheering on her beloved horses at the annual Royal Ascot event. That heritage is an inextricable part of the location and everything that runs through it.

In addition to being a charming place to visit, offering some of the most gentile leisure entertainment, it’s also an enchanting place to live. Located near a quiet stretch of the River Thames, it’s an incredibly pretty English town, offering a lifestyle that many covet.

It’s this backdrop that imbues our Ascot studio with its own unique character, combined with the skills of our designers, and international reputation for excellence, all of which we bring to each and every project we work on. These elements sit alongside our company-wide commitment to honoring the best of artisan heritage, embracing the endless possibilities of the future and ultimately creating spaces that enhance and elevate daily life.

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The history of Ascot

Ascot might be best known as a playground for the aristocracy but in actual fact the Berkshire location in the Royal Borough of Windsor has been an important site since the Bronze Age. Its name is Anglo-Saxon and believed to be derived from its location east of the royal estate at East Hampstead, even having romantic links to King Arthur’s so-called friend, Sir Lancelot.

On a more modern note, it was Queen Anne who founded the racecourse in the 18th century, finding the pretty open heathland near Windsor Castle and exclaiming it to be a marvelous place for horses to gallop at full stretch”. The racecourse was formally opened in 1711 at her behest. King George III installed the first Royal Grandstand in the 1790s, and it became the Royal Enclosure in 1845. It has since become a permanent and much-loved fixture on the landscape and in the British social calendar.

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Our place in Ascot

Our own story in Ascot began in 2004, when we added to our network of studios with a location on the High Street. The street itself is embedded into the history of the area, with much of its architectural heritage still intact.

Knowing the discerning nature of Ascot, along with its sense of community as a place where people wish to build their lives and create safe, happy, beautiful existences, we wanted to share our vision for elevated lifestyles, and felt a synergy with the region.

Nearly 20 years on (and counting), and we continue to thrive here, having helped clients ranging from individual homeowners to contract partners to create spaces that enhance daily lifestyles and provide the backdrop for the lives they have always dreamed of.

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