Nicholas Anthony Spotlight: Occhio

Nicholas Anthony Spotlight: Occhio

As winners of the Lighting Design Awards 2018 for best “Architectural Luminaire Interior” Occhio and their prestigious design the Occhio ‘Mito’ series astounded judges and the public alike with it’s one-of-a-kind touch-less technology embedded into a unique ring design of which became their signature style. Nicholas Anthony is proud to have the privilege of illuminating our luxury showrooms with their magnificent pieces.

For London Design Festival 2018, we collaborated with Occhio in creating a statement installation and produced an astounding artistic showcase in our very own Knightsbridge store front window. The platform of luminescence lit up the bustling and luxurious Brompton road where passerby’s were dazzled with the unique levitating display of Mito lights.

Occhio is one of the most innovative companies in the lighting industry and the market leader in Germany for it’s premium lighting. Created in 1999 by Axel Meise, Occhio was founded on the belief that quality of light means quality of life, the Munich-based company develops holistic, multifunctional luminaire and spotlight systems. Offering universal designs and quality light, Occhio connects spaces and makes it possible to use light to design entire buildings of the highest quality. Headquartered in the heart of Munich, Occhio now has a staff of more than 100.

With Occhio’s philosophy of bringing about a new culture of light into the homes and establishments of everyone from all walks of life, it is no wonder why our partnership remains as strong as ever, our motto of delivering truly bespoke designs suited to our client’s lives resounds also in Occhio’s belief that quality of light means quality of life. We had the pleasure of speaking to Jay Green, Head of Occhio UK about our affiliation and their plans for the year ahead.

“Our partnership with Nicholas Anthony has allowed Occhio to be put on a platform, showcasing our award winning  products in their showrooms and premium locations. Our collaboration is a perfect match to the stunning Kitchens and appliances that Nicholas Anthony represent.”

We also asked Jay what are the upcoming plans for Occhio:

“Occhio are very excited to be exhibiting at Euroluce ( Milan ) April 9th – 14th 2019 and we are also illuminating Walter Knoll Flagship showroom in Clerkenwell, London.”

To gain further insight into the intricacy of the Occhio lights, be on the look out for them at Euroluce 2019 International Lighting Exhibition, a global lighting exhibition where technological innovation and design culture merge into one platform.

Occhio’s unparalleled and architecturally minded products and the need to capture each room in the perfect light can be reflected in their array of pieces. All of which can be bought from any Nicholas Anthony showroom.

Mito at a glance:

Designer: Axel Meise

Light source: high color LED (CRI 95)


o touchless gesture control »touchless control«

o optional control via Occhio air app or air controller

o »color tune« for adjusting the color temperature of the light from 2700 to 4000K

o »up/down fading« to spread the light between uplight and downlight

o unique height-adjustment (optional)

o advanced fiber optics with versatile lighting effects

o Surfaces: matt white, matt black, matt silver, matt gold, rose gold, bronze

Mito was announced a winner at the prestigious Lighting Design Awards 2018, known for commending world class lighting design projects from all over the globe. ‘You simply can’t find a fault with this luminaire’ cited the panel of expert judges.

For more information on Occhio the lighting extraordinaire, please fill in the contact form below or visit www.occhio.de

Nicholas Anthony