Making space more intelligent

Open plan living is now a hallmark of contemporary lifestyle, creating a sense of space in sky high urban apartments as well as countryside idylls. Balancing the flow of an uninterrupted environment with the need for separation between different aspects of the home, however, remains a juggling act that’s hard to perfect. 

Creating cohesive style and flexibility alongside a seamlessness that defines the feel of the space – wall-less walls, boundaries without barriers and delineation without separation – this is the design challenge of the truly contemporary home. Customised, modular furniture is the contemporary solution that’s redefining open plan environments.

Creating continuity

Design within the home is not simply a question of aesthetics and functionality – it’s a language that articulates the character of the space, the feel that it engenders in its occupants, and an unspoken cue to visitors about the people who live there.

 Increasingly, a leitmotif is not limited to one area – like the kitchen – but is interwoven throughout the home, particularly in state-of-the-art apartments. Style carries you from one space to the next – a visual conversation throughout the home. Curated and created well, furniture can provide continuity and separation at the same time.

Making space more intelligent

Furniture has always been used to add character to spaces, but as technology has evolved, the rise of bespoke modular storage systems has set a new standard for framing an environment without interrupting it.Adding more than simple boundaries, this new way of defining space enables both cohesion and practicality. As well as setting space parameters, it can serve as hidden storage or encase all the technological requirements of a truly contemporary home, from sensor operated strip lights to hidden televisions or spaces to hideaway sound systems. 

The options are varied and the concept is broad. Think of pillars that separate a bedroom and bathroom without cumbersome walls but that also hide away the less aesthetic necessities of daily life. Or, consider living rooms that conceal home office capabilities behind liquid smooth, almost invisible walls and floating cabinets suspended from the ceiling or rising up from the floor.

Custom style

From bespoke sizes and shapes, to personalised finishes, the beauty of this way of defining space is that it’s entirely customisable to the individual home – its orientation as well as how those who live there want to use it. Embedded doors indistinguishable from the wall blend into the overall concept of the space, heightening the sophistication of the design but leaving room for personalisation in both form and function. Wood, marble, lacquer, hand painted and liquid metal finishes are amongst the choices, enabling you to choose qualities that fit the space, achieve personal style and experiential goals, all maximising space and experience.

Designed for evolution

The environment in which you live is continuously evolving, moving with the undulations of life as your wants, needs and tastes develop. Perhaps you have children or they grow up and move out; perhaps a former bachelor pad becomes a home for newlyweds; or perhaps you simply want a change at some point. The need for spaces to adapt over time is more important than ever, and keeping that in mind when creating the initial concept is a hallmark of exceptional design.

This type of dynamic design concept is made to be malleable with blocks that can be moved, added or removed. There’s adjustable shelving and changeable door panels that can be swapped out to completely redefine the aesthetic without interfering with the structure. It’s a mode of design that means you can literally move the walls to redefine the space, creating an environment that evolves with you and your lifestyle – a home without limits.

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