Inside The Mind of a Designer with Award-Winning Niko Rasides

Winner of the Kitchen Designer of the Year Award 2018, Niko Rasides is a respected and valued member of the luxury interior design industry. Niko was surrounded by interior design influencers from a young age as his family’s livelihood was stemmed on furniture making and design ideas. Niko told us that, “It was only a natural outcome for me to become a designer as it always felt to be part of my DNA” showing the inherent passion Niko had for design even as a child.

To date, this particular achievement of the Kitchen Designer of the Year Award 2018, awarded by the KBSA, is Niko’s highest achievement. This award recognises the best designers for the above £40,000 kitchen range and was a nationwide competition. This is a great celebration for a fantastic designer, and Niko was humbled but also humbling when he told us about his amazing win:

“It was a real honour to be nominated and win a KBSA award. It is important to state here though that this was also a team effort. The overall concept and design was mine but there were also a number of people from the project management team and the operations department that without their help this project wouldn’t be able to be realised.”

The specific design that clinched the highly acclaimed trophy was a design for a London Georgian townhouse for two former restaurateurs. We asked Niko to explain the brief and the overall design to help us understand what a magnificent piece he had created.

They asked me to create a crisp white kitchen that could handle a lavish décor. The vast space covers the entire ground floor, opening on to a patio and garden studio beyond. Besides two rather obnoxious structural pillars, it was a blank canvas.”

Once the brief was set and initial meetings were over, Niko was ready to transform the blank canvas into a luxury designed living space. The clients were very keen on their extravagant colours and materials as well as their flamboyant collection of antiques. Niko expertly took us through his thought processes and desired affects of the cabinetry and worktop choices of his design.

I devised a long sink run, with tall cabinets at either end to conceal the pillars. Opposite, floor-to-ceiling cabinetry accommodates cooling appliances and ovens, while the 4m-long island provides ample prep space. Regarding the island I wanted a strong architectural look that would appeal to my clients’ artistic flair. The strong lines stand out against the curves and elegance of their furniture. On the dining end, a stainless steel section with seamlessly fused sink and boiling water tap provides the perfect spot for mixing drinks. The thick cantilevered section of the worktop can be used as a breakfast bar, with or without stools. Lastly, the clear lines and crispness of a white on white palette prove surprisingly expressive. The kitchen’s architectural scale and outsized proportions make a strong impression along with the stunning blue calcite splashback.”

After the triumph of the KBSA award, Niko was back at his residential ‘design-house’ at Nicholas Anthony’s Knightsbridge showroom where he has been for several years. It is clear to see that the combination of Nicholas Anthony and Niko is a marriage made in interior design heaven as he believes Nicholas Anthony to be the cutting edge company in his field.

“Nicholas Anthony adopts a tailored and highly artistic approach to every project, delivering luxurious yet live-able environments across the UK and abroad. Avoiding a house style, we work with the client from inception to completion to provide a bespoke and highly personal design service.”

The 21st Century has been a pioneering period for technological development both inside the home and outside. The introduction of smart technology has transformed the way we live and has seen a dramatic demand increase for kitchen gadgets to become aesthetically pleasing and integrate-able into the household. Constantly being a forward thinker, we asked where the development of interior design would lead and the future trends he is most excited about:

“I find technology and how it is lately being integrated within designs very interesting. New smart materials or appliances that use AI to ascertain our preferences and adjust to our lifestyle for healthier and eco sustainable living is definitely a trend that excites me. [In Design] I see a future for material harmony of metal, glass, natural stone, wood and textured surfaces. Reduced, modern, but not cold.”

Speaking to Niko and receiving an insight into the mind of the latest award-winning kitchen designer has been exciting to see where he believes the future of interior design is headed. It is easy to see that the way Niko talks about interior design and the reasoning for his design features why he received such a prestigious award. Being inspired from a young age has truly given Niko an eternal, burning passion to stretch the boundaries of luxury design that we can see in his latest design projects. Congratulations again to Niko on his award, and may we all look forward to many more fantastic design ideas in the future.

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