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Incorporating influencer trends into lasting style in your kitchen

The fascination with influencer home décor began long before lockdown, but the additional time spent in our homes over the last 14 months has spawned an even greater interest in the interior stylings of social media stars.

From Beata Heuman to Mr. Buckley, minimalism, maximalism and a post-modernist revival, the colours, the fixtures, the fabrics and the layouts – there is joy in taking inspiration from those who have mastered the art of the Instagram-able home. However, with the investment that goes into property renovation, especially when it comes to key areas like the kitchen, how do you turn those passing trends into style that will stand the test of time?

This is where a good designer comes into their own. Their job is not to execute their own vision, but to interpret and enhance yours in a manner that works aesthetically as well as practically. While some designers capitalise on creating and replicating a specific look for individuals to buy into, the best designers use their knowledge, skill and network to listen to who you are, what you like and how you live in order to create a space that works for you. That can mean incorporating details from the influencer du jour but doing so in a manner that’s mindful of the bigger picture.

From mood boards to body language

When it comes to trends, everyone has different thresholds that they’re willing to reach in terms of boldness. If someone is a pop artist, their eye will be trained to see intense colour, so they probably won’t be afraid to use it in their space.

Usually, you see a hint of that spirit in a client, but it’s not always spelled out. The designer needs to pay attention to what someone is wearing, what they say, what they reference – because it gives an insight into their personality. It’s about trying to decipher what someone likes and what their personal style is. That gives immediate direction to the specific chromatic palettes you may choose to use. Once you see excitement in a client’s eyes, you know you’re heading in the right direction.

As designers we like to bring something unique to the table, but we should always do it cautiously and without over imposing our own ideas. Designing a kitchen is an evolutionary process of design and feedback as you iron out the details. Usually, we try to start with a mental blank canvas. You need to empty your head of any preconceived ideas and listen; it’s the only way to digest the client’s personality and ensure you’re really thinking through your ideas so that when they challenge you have an authentic rationale. There’s a specific ritual to designing a kitchen and the client is at the heart of it.

From concept to creation

The first step in designing a luxury kitchen is preparing a concept that fulfils the needs of a client, then it’s about focusing on their personality. The elements that add character can be colours, finishes, artwork, lighting – this is where it becomes unique.

Sometimes our role is to push a little to help a client feel confident in aspiring to something they really want – as observers we’re in a position of being able to see when that’s necessary. Many of us don’t take risks when it comes to high value purchases; we prefer to stay safe. However, as designers we’re able to see if something will work better for you and point out where it’s worthwhile thinking twice before you reject it.

The magic moment is where two personalities come together – the designer and the client – to create something special. It’s that fusion that makes the designer’s work powerful – the fusion of two perspectives. The end result is a visual dialogue between the designer and the client.

Inspiration over influence

Showrooms are an essential part of designing a luxury kitchen because they give a sense of what’s possible. We have recently been refitting our Wigmore Street showroom in Mayfair, where it’s not about designing for a specific client but taking an artistic approach that allows you to let your imagination run wild.

Often people come to us with conflicting ideas, enjoying the stylings of more than one influencer. At our showrooms we try to create a space that people can enjoy, experiencing different concepts from cool, calm spaces filled with natural elements to more avant-garde ideas. For example, our Wigmore Street showroom is being transformed, taking inspiration from city plazas and how people experience their surroundings. This will be completed with bold materials, dark colours and sleek design.

For us, influencer style is a wonderful thing, but ideas can quickly lose their lustre. However, with the help of a designer, it can be a starting point or stepping stone to achieving something that’s long-lasting and that truly represents who you are.

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