Core of steel: the beauty of metal

At Nicholas Anthony we are always drawn to the beauty of materials that seem to have a life of their own – the ones that evolve with time, and possess an energy that emanates from the surface. In the past we have written about using natural stone, hewn from centuries-old rocks and bringing a one-of-a-kind connection with the earth into the home. Metal is a different element altogether.

Copper chameleon 

Available in a variety of forms from, naturally occurring copper to the supercharged fusion of iron and carbon that gives us stainless steel, metal has gone from function to form in culinary spaces, used not only for its hygienic qualities and durability, but for its aesthetic charm as well. 

Each metal surface not only looks different but behaves differently, and herein offers a sense of character that helps to define a home and its connection to the people within it. While stainless steel has its heritage in commercial kitchens, it’s made its way into luxury homes in recent years, no longer limited to surfaces and sinks, but cascading down the frontages of cabinets and islands. 

Meanwhile, copper and brass have often been the hallmarks of luxury homes, used across taps, handles and accessories to add warmth and striking beauty. Both age to darker, richer versions of themselves, with brass growing evermore golden and copper developing a patina with time.


Unlike the timelessness of natural stone, metal is consistently reinventing itself within the home. Like mercury it slips through time, morphing itself into a vast spectrum of options, colours and uses to almost uncountable levels. It’s amongst the most versatile of materials, providing solutions whether you want your home to embody an industrial chic vibe or a more refined approach.

In recent years, metal has evolved once again, with the popularity of Liquid Metal finishes. A mixture of powdered metals, such as bronze and tin are liquified and blended before being applied to a solid surface to add intrigue and character on a whole new level. At Nicholas Anthony we have introduced precisely that as part of our Signature Collection for bespoke finishes, providing a new stylistic dimension that feels as though it’s a celebration of the material itself, as well as its versatility.  

Like all good things, metal is not without its vulnerabilities, and perhaps chief amongst them is that it can scratch with regular use. Far from being a shortcoming however, this is something to be embraced as part of its evolving look – softening as it settles into the home, blending into its environment, and melding into its surroundings whilst always maintaining its individuality and providing a defining characteristic at the heart of daily life.

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