LED Kitchen Splashback Case Study

Niko Rasides is one of Nicholas Anthony’s expert designers and has produced yet again one of the finest displays of kitchen interior design. This breathtaking ground floor design has explicitly displayed Niko’s fine eye to balance the traditional regal feel with the most contemporary design elements.

The brief for this space was simply; ultimate family living. The owners of this gorgeous house wanted a space to cook, relax and help their daughter with her homework. Niko used his masterful knowledge to transform this kitchen into creating a walk-in pantry behind a full length floor-to-ceiling cabinet; creating both storage and leaving room to implement a living and seating area around the kitchen island.

Niko paid close attention to the owner’s love of fine art and sculpture; therefore took it upon himself to make the most spectacular addition to this design. The main feature of this stunning design is the show-stopping splash back made from amethyst crystals to give the grandeur look the hosts were searching for. However, Niko did not leave the surprises here. The addition of an LED light panel behind the splash back has give extra depth to the violet quartz stone allowing the precious stones to shine as if they were part of the finest jewel collection. This will allow the home owners to transform the atmosphere of the room from a family day-to-day cooking space to the ultimate party area with this mood-lighting.

Niko also did not compromise with the appliance and cabinet choice. Due to the expansive art collection that the homeowners have, it was importance to have the most powerful extraction as well as uncompromisable results. Niko supplied them with the latest Miele cooking appliances as well as Siemens refrigeration and a Blanco sink that would fit effortlessly against the composite stone worktop.

Nicholas Anthony