Floor to Ceiling Kitchen Units Case Study

Most well known for their exuberance in the restaurant industry, the pair have turned their attention to a sumptuous collection of luxury interior design elements and antiques.

The restaurateurs were very keen to incorporate as much storage space as Niko could provide them. Niko was given a blank canvas to work with and provided the home-owners with floor-to-ceiling units that ran between two supporting, structural pillars to enhance the length of the room exponentially. Between these two storage walls, Niko provided a simple, but strong, clean cut island with a stainless steel dining-end to portray the gastronomes’ artistic prowess.

When the pair approached Niko Rasides in regards to this space, it was apparent that it was to be the cooking facilities that would take centre stage. Using the finest Gaggenau appliances, Niko fitted the pair with a plethora of cooking methods such as a combo steam oven, a teppanyaki grill and also a dual-zone wine preservation refrigerator.

Although the white-on-white palette can sometimes look basic, Niko has allowed it to become very expressive through the crisp nature of the colour scheme, as well as intriguing elements that are between this palette. Niko provided this space with a stunning blue calcite splashback. This rare opalescent gemstone gives character to its white canvas-like background by displaying Hassan’s and Michel’s over-arching talents in highlighting true beauty in the most simple of elements.

Nicholas Anthony